Clement Efe Ogoh is a Nigeria-based Photographer and Creative Director. Growing up in Lagos, he developed a strong creativity from an early age. His first experience with photography brought him back to that childlike spirit of charm and ingenuity that encouraged him to use his surroundings to create something new. The projects he directed are inspired by the past in a classic way, but are contemporary, experimental, and prophetic in their focus. In essence, each of his photos is characterised by an intrinsic story that aims to arouse a sense of curiosity about what has been left outside the frame. Although he occasionally works in studios, he likes to use natural elements to capture his subjects and fascinate his audience. From flowers to water, skylines and landscapes, he captures a wide variety of human forms and skin tones, all collected in a single scene. From his very first steps into the world of photography, he began to experiment. His journey took him not only into the fashion industry, but also into tourism and music. His work has been a way for him to sustain and elevate the spirit of Lagos by capturing the daily life of the city, its diversity in lifestyle, its local artists and craftsmen, its immense beauty, and its profound struggle. 

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