Alle stelle e nient’altro 

 These photographs describe a world in which man is only a distant memory. His sporadic appearances manifest a relaxed, joyful, curious existence. His creations look more beautiful when he doesn't put his hand on them, when he's not around, including all those things that should, in his head, simply be useful, and instead have a soul, an expressiveness, a geometry and a natural symmetry: they are simply beautiful, and why? It is a revenge, a demonstration of the strength of nature, which clearly establishes our impotence: what we build is its property, everything lives even without us, especially without us. There is an immediate need for an end: doesn't all this running need to rest its legs? Save essential memories: friends, a kiss, the water that permeates or flows; abandon created things: money, banks. How he would like to live in such a world! Where the word "dynamics" has been forgotten, and we will have time to go out for real, or stay home for real. What holier place than the real Earth to live in, in place of this disrespectful copy of the author? And here what he is presenting to you is just a refuge, waiting that, in some of us, who knows, we will change something.