Giacomo Colombo (b. 1995, Milan) graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2017 and obtained a Diploma in Photography and Visual Communication at Cfp Bauer in 2019. He is one of the selected artists of ITALIA 90, an open call led by the curatorial project Condominio in Milan. His research is based on re-appropriations, reactions to unforeseen changes, and reconnections. By taking a diverse approach which explores photography, sculpture and collage, his practice oscillates between transformative operations and the use of the traditional photographic medium. His recent work questions the boundaries between reality and representation, addressing the ambiguity of the photographic experience within contemporary image-making. The imaginary examines the concepts of equivocacy and meaning of the image in the context of technological innovation and the recirculation of visual material. He lives and works in Milan.

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