Pietro Lo Casto (b. 1986, Italy) is an artist working with images and video. He studied photography at the Pathshala Institute Bangladesh and has recently begun an MFA in Visual Arts at Chiang Mai University, Northern Thailand. Pietro sees his artistic research as the possibility to participate in the visualisation of posthuman paths driven more and more by collective conceptual creativity. His work includes acts of denunciation of structural injustice towards indigenous knowledge and other non-humans, defined as animals, plants and land, in an attempt to understand and deepen the multi-level relationship between humans and nature. He was selected for several national and international exhibitions, among others, Singapore International Photography Festival, Format Festival, Cortona on The Move, and featured in the British Journal of Photography. In 2020 he was one of the three winners of the Premio Canon Giovani Fotografi and a finalist of the Bird in Flight Prize and the New Writings for Environmental Photography Prize.

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