The Pharaoh Labourers 

The Pharaoh Labourers is the title of a series of photographs that aims at investigating the position of Egyptian workers during archaeological campaigns over time, from Howard Carter to our own times. About a century after the great archaeological discoveries in Egypt, Regina wanted to meditate upon the importance of the labourer in archaeological digs, trying to introduce the western public into their work in excavations, as well their private and family life. Through these photographs, Regina wanted to show their feelings of dignity and pride towards their employment. How proud they are of the work handed down to them over generations and how all proudly claim to have an ancestor who participated in the excavations of Howard Carter, Ernesto Schiapparelli or other famous Egyptologists.

Matrimonio Anacaprese

Regina De Luca’s project Matrimonio Anacaprese is a meta-pictorial operation and at the same time an artistic-social investigation. The photograph "The Wedding" was born from the observation and reinterpretation of the painting Marriage Rite in Capri by the French painter Édouard Alexandre Sain in the 1800s. She chose to represent this theme with the intention of prompting a reflection on the concept of marriage in the contemporary Western world. The creation of a mise en scene of a painting with poses, lights and colors that recall an ancient painting participate in the intention of rendering the theme deep and detached from time. Her project reflects on the ancient and contemporary institution of marriage and woman emancipation.