Chariots of frolic

Chariots of frolic is a series of images about wedding chariots improvised out of socialist era cars and the fabricators whose livelihoods depend on these 'chariots'. The work comprises a series of still-lifes of the blingy chariots accompanied by portraits of the families and individuals engaged in the wedding 'decoration' business. These images were made in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu.

Sandalwood Hysteria

Sandalwood Hysteria is a photography project about excessive fan behaviour and cinematic elation that accompanies the release of a movie in Sandalwood -the local movie industry in Karnataka. The releases are predominantly male gatherings where the male lead of the movie is idolised, deified and idealised, sometimes in an institutional manner in the form of 'Fan associations'. The work is a critique of gratuitous violence and misogyny that is propagated through film industries around the world and a look into the larger than life fan culture endemic to south India where movie stars use their fan base to become wildly successful politicians.