Holy Boulevard

Ocean is the main subject of the series Holy Boulevard, a site-specific installation produced in 2017-2018. Raised in a crowded city like Mumbai whilst living close to the sea, Tawde's aim is to create a utopian world combining the quietness and the vastness of the ocean with new re-imagined constructions of city architectures. He states, 'they are pleasing to the eye and I wanted to create a dreamlike space while photographing this built environment in the ocean'.

Dialogues of an Introvert

Dialogues of an introvert is the title of a series started in 2016 and split into two chapters. The series combines a social, political and environmental commentary with the will to escape the reality to pursue a fantasy world. Sameer shows everyday objects and situations in de-familiarising ways, drawing attention to concepts of alienation and separation between the self and the outside world.